#Aviary #rhonnadesigns

#Aviary #rhonnadesigns


Tornado Strikes Moore, Oklahoma

An EF-4 tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma today, causing widespread damage across a 20-mile path throughout the Oklahoma City suburb. The tornado has claimed at least 37 lives with many more injured and has left thousands without power.

Our thoughts go out to those who have been affected, and we hope those in the Oklahoma City area stay safe in the upcoming days. You can find more information on how to help the tornado victims here.

Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to disaster relief.

TidyUp for iOS

TidyUp a shell script for APT similar to apt-get. This script checks/updates any packages and installs those packages needing updating.

One great feature I love about TidyUp is the automagical removal of unused dependencies. TidyUp is awesome for users who want to update APT without opening Cydia, resolving source related errors, or recovering space being bogged down with unused or uneeded dependencies.

TidyUp is installed to the /usr/bin directory. There are no icons installed to the springboard. There are no settings to configure. This is a command line utility and tidyup is run via SSH/Mobile Terminal shell prompt.

Run: tidyup as root

Big Boss Repo: TidyUp

Mobile Substrate Orphans

Mobile Substrate Orphans 1.0-1

There are several reasons a dangerous .dylib might remain on your iDevice. Without going into the reasons why this happens… Just know it can, and does suck for the functioning of your jailbroken device.


Mobile Substrate Orphans is a Mobile Terminal script designed to search MobileSubstrate Addons for residual dylibs. This script doesn’t touch critical files, and prompts you before any files are removed.

When an orphan is identified, and after you confirm you would like said file removed, it is moved to /var/backups. This directory can be accessed via iFile, MyFile, or a desktop iOS file browser such as iExplorer.

If you’re wondering why this may affect you:

Most jailbreaker’s, at the very minimum, are familiar with the term Mobile Substrate. Fewer jailbreaker’s understand how this package functions, or how vital it is for your device.

Mobile Substrate allows all those awesome Cydia tweaks, to to hook into your iDevice’s applications. This is is a complex process for your OS. Mobile Substrate acts as the central dispatch platform for this code deployment. When code fails, or conflicts (as it often does), Mobile Substrate handles the problem; protecting your device from the failure (most of the time). This is why one might see “Safe Mode” in the status bar, along with a prompt for restart. By directing the error handling to one location, Mobile Substrate acts like a proverbial surge protector for your jailbroken device.

If you’re into analogies, which I obviously am, here’s another one: It is possible to live with one lung. Let’s say your a smoker who has a choice; one lung or two? I would compare choosing to keep Mobile Substrate off of your iDevice, to smoking and choosing to live with one lung. Seems stupid? It is. Not to mention, some of the most widely used tweaks are dependent upon Mobile Substrate, so at the very least, leaving it out of your package list, limits your device’s level of awesomeness.

So, before I get completely off point…

If you’ve ever installed, then uninstalled a tweak, and are having issues with crashes or function in general, it’s worth giving Mobile Substrate Orphans (mso) a try.

There are no icons installed to your springboard. There are no settings to configure. This is a shell script to be run in Mobile Terminal or by SSH.

Run: ‘mso’ as root

Mobile Substrate Orphans is available on the insanelyi repo. Add: http://repo.insanelyi.com/ to your Cydia sources.

If you already have the repo: Mobile Substrate Orphans

iScript Luv

Clean Up Crap (cuc) 1.1-1

This package has no icon and there are no settings to configure. To use it you must SSH into your device or use Mobile Terminal.

Run ‘cuc’ as root.

Add this repo to your Cydia sources. This iScript can be found in the:


This terminal package removes crash/history logs, syslog, application cookies, application local storage, safari data, cached map data, cached snap shots, and cached ad data.


LemeLeme. Don’t Think, Just Shoot!

LemeLeme. Don’t Think, Just Shoot!

LemeLeme. Don’t Think, Just Shoot!

LemeLeme. Don’t Think, Just Shoot!

This makes me laugh.

This makes me laugh.

Flipped. Gustav.

Flipped. Gustav.